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Villa rental in Todi

Do you like a varied holiday destination where both old picturesque cities and beautiful landscapes pass you by? Then book a villa rental in Todi with Special Umbria! This city is located in an old transit route along the Tevere, between Perugia and Rome. As you follow the river, you will arrive at the dazzling Parco Fluviale del Tevere. The city itself and its surroundings have many highlights, including the Palazzo del Popolo and the imposing Chiesa di San Fortunato. Your villa rental in Todi is luxuriously decorated with designer furniture from the region. You will also have a spacious terrace with a panoramic view at your disposal, as well as your very own swimming pool!

Villa rental Todi Umbria

Everything will be arranged to let you experience the feeling of home when you book a villa rental in Todi, Umbria. The location is situated outside of the normalized tourist zones, enabling you to enjoy peace and quiet. A short walk is all it takes to enjoy an authentic terrace where you will be served the most delicious regional dishes. At Special Umbria, you will find a variety of holiday rentals in Umbria within the vicinity of Todi. We also have:

In a villa rental in Todi, Umbria, you will experience Italian life in a very authentic setting. Find out more on our Facebook and Instagram pages, where you will find more inspiration and varied offers.

Villa rental Todi Italy

Would you like to book a villa rental with your family or friends in Todi, Italy? At Special Umbria, you will find a varied selection of luxury villas and country houses that are suitable for two or more people. We not only stylishly decorate the living room, but also the individual chambers. This means that every guest is free to enjoy a cozy retreat within a warm environment. When the heat of the sun reaches its peak, you may dive into your own private swimming pool. Our holiday rentals in Italy are designed to be enjoyed every day. With a villa rental in Todi, Italy, you are setting yourself up for an unforgettable holiday!