Selling your property

If you are intrested in selling your property through us, we will be most happy to evaluate the possibilities with you. To our potential buyers it is of greatest importance that your property fits with our style and philosophy or that it can be brought to that state with reasonable efforts.

As a first step we would appreciate if you could send us via email a set of digital photos (or a link to an internet website where we can find them) that give a clear and precise view of what you offer to sell: some photos of the inside of the property as well as the outside facades including the view from the property in several directions during clear weather.

Based on a first evaluation we will contact you for an intake appointment. We will meet to get to know each other and the property better. By doing so we can offer the best information to any potential buyer. For our potential buyers and ourselves the purchase of a property can only be smooth and successful if the following items related to the property are organised upfront by the owner, in close cooperation with SpecialUmbria:

  • Excellent high resolution photos (min. 2000 pixels) taken during clear weather conditions of the inside and the outside of the property as well as of the direct environment in several directions, are available;
  • Eventual main defects and damages are repaired and ordinary maintenance is carried out, depending on the type of property;
  • All relevant property related documentation is in order and available:
    • All (building) permissions / authorizations / communications to/from the competent authorities;
    • Correct land registry data (statement of ownership of all land parcels) and maps (with the owned land parcels marked) in correspondence with actual situation;
    • Correct building registry floor plans and lay out plus prospects (facades) in correspondence with actual situation and permissions;
    • All main certificates: practicability, gas/hydraulic/electricity conformity, energy performance issued by the competent authoritiy and in correspondence with actual situation and permissions;
    • Eventual condominiums, active and/or passive rights of easement (e.g. rights of way) are known and clearly indicated;
    • Deed of conveyance (Atto d'Acquisto o Atto di Provenienza).

Ultimately we may sign a collaboration agreement for the mediation of the sale of your property. We kindly ask property owners who sell through us, to timely fill in the above requirements (eventually with the help of third parties like a geometra'), not only once a potential buyer has formulated an offer to purchase. It will speed up the entire selling process, in the interest of all parties involved. Our commission in case of the actual mediation of the sale of the property (% of the agreed sales price) is competitive with the local market.