Our Philosophy

SpecialUmbria stands for reliability, knowledge, style and convenience.

Reliability. We strictly work with people “di nostra fiducia”. This means that we involve only reliable parties in all the activities we undertake. It is our objective to make sure your properties are in good hands, that means not only with us, but also anybody we collaborate with and who's therefore co-responsible for your property in Italy.

Knowledge. We ensure that the best know-how is available and brought into our company and its activities: all the necessary and most up-to-date kind of advice and services concerning your property.

Style. We believe style is one of the most important factors. Your property should be in harmony with your taste and the environment. Ensuring a holistic and consistent style of the house will bring maximum joy, will make your property different from others and will further enhance the value of your property.

Convenience. Buying a property in another country involves making a large investment, which deserves care and attention. Your project and property should be smoothly run, where all potential risks are mitigated and any problem is erased from the beginning: your life should be made easy during the delivery of the property.

We strongly believe it is our mission to deliver you a foreign property abroad in a decent and pleasant manner. We guarantee high standards of dedicated support with fees which are fair and market competitive. Your ideas and wishes are our guiding point in getting where you want to be: your dream which has come true, to enjoy a beautiful property abroad!