Special Umbria offers a complete range of real estate services

Special Umbria offers all necessary services related to a comfortable and relaxing home in Italy. Regardless if you are looking for permanent residency, a holiday home or a real estate investment, Special Umbria has you covered.

At Special Umbria we take a cyclic approach to luxury real estate. We take your short and long term goals as a starting point, and together with you as a client we create a plan: purchase, changing (construction, restoration, renovation/redecoration), management and/or (short term) rentals, it may all be part of the strategy. 

Over the years we have thus assisted many clients in achieving their Italian dream with one or multiple steps within our real estate cycle. We welcome you to contact us and explore if we may become partners to do the same.

Find & Buy property

SpecialUmbria may assist you in all steps when realizing your Italian dream. Finding the right spot for a personalized and custom built project, a turn key investment object, a holiday house/second home or anything in between, our real estate services team will assist you in determining your goals, challenges, risks and return on investment.

Buying real estate abroad, in Italy, can be quite a challenge. SpecialUmbria minimizes possible risks and problems, having operational knowledge of the local estate market, government, contractors and legal demands.

Design, Build & Decorate

When designing, constructing and decorating a new property, we adhere to the highest qualitative standards in the industry. We start a typical building project with getting to know the client, his or her goals, wishes and preferences. From this, we create a design that is balanced with the demands of possible next steps in the life cycle, such as renting out a property, maintaining it in a practical way, or selling it.

The result is a finished villa, house or apartment that is perfectly aligned with your personal long term goals. Our clients' projects have been featured in many leading design magazines.

Maintain & Rent out

You should always have confidence that your property will be taken care of with proper attention in your absence, and that possible guests are encountered with the utmost courtesy and impeccable reception. SpecialUmbria has a proven track record in providing these services.

We also offer the hospitality of your property to new guests through our website, and possible other channels that provide a similar exclusive experience.


If for any reason you should ever decide to turn over your investment and sell your property, we can help you find a matching buyer from our international clientèle.

In doing this, we complete the life cycle of our exclusive real estate services, materializing yet another beautiful Italian dream.