Brief History

Stories sometimes appeal more to the imagination than the history itself. Legend has it that the founders of Todi planned to build their city at the foot of the hills until a remarkable miracle took place. While they were having their breakfast in peace, their breakfast sheet was suddenly ripped away from them by an eagle. The eagle then released this sheet on top of the hill. It was this omen that became the reason for the construction of Todi to start on the hilltop.

The ancient city walls look like the annual growth rings of an old tree. The inner circle is the city wall built by the Etruscans. In the Roman period, the city was expanded with a second ring of Roman ramparts. The outer ring is the latest fortification that was built in the Middle Ages. During the Middle Ages, Todi had its greatest heyday. The three castles, stately churches, and imposing palaces bear witness to this. The city almost literally has the allure of an eagle’s nest. This is not a wrong comparison, as this safe place offers endless views. And of course, the legendary eagle that proudly adorns Todi’s coat of arms!

Our 5 sights of Todi and its surroundings!

The best way to get to know Todi is by climbing up the steep streets with picturesque steps to the old city centre. If you wander around at your leisure, the sights and sounds are there for the taking.

Festivals in Todi

The Todi festival

This annual festival with theatre, dance, music, art, and literature has been around for more than 30 years and is one of the most important cultural events in Italy. The festival is characterised by treading untraditional paths and paying attention to innovative art. Every year, several well known international names participate in the festival.

Todi Magic Christmas

Throughout Europe, Christmas is the most memorable time of the year, but in terms of magic, there is only a handful that can match Todi. The city is enveloped in a warm Christmas atmosphere throughout December. The slope is illuminated by a gigantic Christmas tree with thousands of individual lights. The magic is everywhere because of the many activities, as well as small and large Christmas markets. If you live here or have booked a rental during the Christmas holidays, you have every opportunity to immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience. 

Umbria Jazz

This is the festival in Perugia where life is celebrated in all its exuberance in mid-July. The organisers ensure top programming every year. In the past, greats like Lady Gaga, John Legend, Liza Minelli, and Diana Krall have performed with great enthusiasm. Everywhere in Perugia is buzzing with life, even for the spectator who likes to wander around the old city centre. Without a ticket for the main program, you can still enjoy many of the free performances.

Chocolate Festival

Todi is only a 45-minute drive from Perugia. The annual chocolate festival held in the capital of Umbria is a delight for the eyes, ears, and of course, the taste buds. For a moment, the very best chocolatiers in the world come here. Giant chocolate blocks adorn the main square at the start of the festival. Do you think nothing crazy happens? That could not be further from the truth: At some point during the festival, the invited chocolate artists transform a shapeless mass into beautiful chocolate sculptures. Also, there are market stalls everywhere with the most versatile chocolate specialities for all chocolate lovers. Not only this, there are countless festivities to take place in. Tip: with the Chocolate Wildcard, you will have access to almost all of the grand celebrations!

Monthly Antique market in Todi

Every second Sunday of the month, an antique market is held in Todi, where you can collect the most beautiful antique furniture and decorations while walking. Just looking at the many beautiful things is more than worth it.

Food and drink in Todi

In Todi, you can eat the most delicious and varied food. The local cuisine is strongly determined by the Umbrian culinary traditions on which the landscape and the natural flora and fauna leave their mark. The hilly terrain offers particularly fertile soil for black truffles. This delicacy is often served with strangozzi or stringozzi, which can be best described as a thicker version of spaghetti. The olives and wines that you can order are usually from their region. Let’s not forget about speciality: palombacci. Pigeon meat is the main ingredient of this dish. It is wrapped in ham and slowly cooked in the oven.

Five useful tips

  • Reserve half a day for wine tasting. There are several wineries around the city, such as the Roccafiore Winery, situated in a stunning and idyllic spot. You can also take a guided tour of the extensive grounds, where pigs are kept on a small scale, and there is room for a cosy picnic which can include an exquisite wine arrangement. Or you can opt for an organised wine tour with a real expert as your wine guide.
  • Il Grottino: this is a restaurant in a charming spot in the centre of Todi. You will be awed with wonder when you visit a picturesque city like Todi. But Il Grottino is the perfect place to rest on the terrace or for an intermediate lunch. Perfect for a quick meal such as a hamburger with chips and a drink. There is a warm atmosphere around the patio due to the many old buildings lining it. 
  •  L’Altro Relais: located in a beautiful spot just outside Todi with views over the hills. Local dishes are served here but are slightly different. The food is tasteful and is presented beautifully. The wine arrangement shows a sense of style with its small details. The service you will also receive here is very cordial. 
  • Bar Pianegiani on Corso Cavour: what could be better on a hot day than enjoying a delicious ice cream? Then the most beautiful location for this is by far this bar, which is located near an old medieval fountain. 
  • Pizzas from Dige’s Pizza: as you may soon discover, pizza is not often the main dish in Italy. It is an ideal snack that you can easily order from various places. Dige’s Pizza, located near Chiesa di San Fortunato, is highly recommended when you want a quick pick-me-up. Want to see the proof? Just ask the locals, as they love coming here!

Holiday rentals near Todi

Not only is Todi enchantingly beautiful, but the surroundings are also full of beauty. Everywhere you will find old picturesque villages and various nature reserves such as Parco Fluviale del Tevere, located near Todi. Our holiday rentals in Todi are designed to blend in with this backdrop of unparalleled beauty. You will have a spacious terrace with a swimming pool and stunning views over the wide area. Most accommodations are entirely built in the style of the region with a classic stone exterior. In addition to refurbished country houses, you will also find holiday rentals with a modern look. The interior of all rooms is filled with designer furniture and carefully selected decorations. 

Living near Todi

The pleasant climate marks it very comfortable to live near Todi. Winters are mild, and summers are warm, if not sometimes hot. There is very little rain, and well into October, the barometer still hits temperatures of 20 degrees or higher. Special Umbria always selects the best houses for you in idyllic surroundings, always with spacious rooms and often with their private pool. If desired, we are happy to actively engage in property search, where you can determine the requirements yourself. 

Daily life in and around Todi is calm and peaceful, and you will live amongst the locals. But it can sometimes be challenging to achieve this picture-perfect life. The procedures for renovations and permit applications are not always clear. Special Umbria can assist you with a wide range of real estate service at this stage. We do not see ourselves as brokers who only complete a sale transaction, but like to go a step further. For many, living is a personal life project, to which we are happy to contribute with our expertise. We can offer you a tailor-made service for every stage: 

  • Find and buy a property: on our website, you will find various homes near Todi, but we can also search on your behalf for your perfect luxury villa in Italy. During this phase, we can help you set goals and look for a house. It is also possible to look for a plot where you can build your own home. 
  • Construction & Project Management: once you have purchased land, we will assist you with the construction project, from the designing process with an architect to the application details for permits. We offer the same service if you have already found a house, but want to renovate or expand it. Do you want to invest in a villa to sell or rent it out later? Then we are happy to help you make a risk analysis, in which we will accurately map out what your goals are, what the risks are, and what benefits you can expect. 
  • Interior consulting: this is the last step before moving into or renting out your property. Based on your wishes, our interior designer will make a complete sketch of your interior. If desired, they can also help you with the purchase of designer furniture and decorations that will complete your house.
  • Property maintenance and management: if you do not want to live in your home all year round, it is good to think about maintenance while you are away. Special Umbria is happy to help you keep your house in perfect condition or arrange suitable tenants. The latter is an excellent way to recoup part of your investment immediately.
  • Sell your property: this may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you are creating your dream home. But there may always be unexpected circumstances in which you want to sell your house. We will look for a suitable buyer for you!

Houses and plots for sale near Todi

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Weather and climate

Due to the hot summers and mild winters, Todi offers a perfect climate to spend your time comfortably all year round. In the summer, the temperature rises to more than 30 degrees, while it still easily exceeds 20 degrees until late autumn. There is rain, but the rainfall is spread throughout the year. That explains the green hills in combination with the olive trees.

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Fly on

Todi and the surrounding area are easily accessible thanks to the multiple airports in the area, including Umbria International Airport (Perugia), at 30 car minutes distance.

Albania Tirana Airport
Austria Vienna Airport
Belgium Brussels-Charleroi airport
Italy Brindisi (Puglia) airport
Italy Cagliari (Sardinia) airport
Italy Catania (Sicily) airport
Italy Olbia (Sardinia) airport
Italy Palermo (Sicily) airport
Malta Malta Airport
Netherlands Rotterdam-The Hague airport
Poland Krakow airport
Romania Bucharest airport
Spain Barcelona airport
United Kingdom London Stansted Airport
United Kingdom London Heathrow airport

Other airports are Ancona International Airport (Le Marche), at 1.45 hours by car, Florence international airport (Firenze-Peretola), 2.25 hours by car and Rome International airport “Giovan Battista Pastine” (Ciampino), at 1.45 hours by car and Rome Intercontinental airport “Leonardo da Vinci” (Fiumicino), at approximately 2 car hours. Todi has a train station from where you can travel to different destinations and airports in Italy.

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