Rent out your property

We know people who initially would never let their property, being it their own house and not knowing what guests would do with their house when they are not there. On the other hand, it can be financially very interesting to let your property for some weeks a year.

If you feel that your property fits in the selection of Special Umbria please feel free to contact us. We are most happy to take on new houses, villas and apartments that will feel guests completely at home during their holidays.

As a first step we would appreciate if you could send us via email a set of digital photos (or a link to an internet website where we can find them) that give a clear and precise view of what you offer to rent out: some photos of the inside of the property as well as the outside facades including the view from the property in several directions during clear weather.

Based on a first evaluation we will take an appointment with you for an intensive intake to understand what your rental needs are (which time of the year, expectations on number of weeks, etc.). For our guests and ourselves a rental property can only be successful if a minimum set of services in and around the property are organised by the owner, in close cooperation with SpecialUmbria:

  • excellent high resolution (min. 2000 pixels) photos taken during clear weather conditions of the inside and the outside of the property as well as of the direct environment in several directions, are available
  • a decent property insurance, allowing tenants to stay in the house, is in place
  • a representative English speaking person (e.g. caretaker or property manager if not the owner him- or herself) will check if the property is ready to be handed over to the guests before their arrival, will be present to perform check in/out and is available during the stay of the tenants for any issue or problem to be resolved
  • continuous maintenance (house and pool cleaning, gardening) is guaranteed
  • an extensive written property guide in English (approximately 30 pages) is available with indications on how the property functions as well as many touristic tips for the guests
  • the owner notifies its guests to the competent authorities as legally regulated
we promote your property via various international (online) media.

SpecialUmbria is available to assist home owners with tips and ideas on how to bring the property into a state 'ready to be rented' and to comply with the above mentioned success factors.

Owners who rent through us we offer a marketing and booking service. This entails that we promote your property via various international (online) media and that we fully support you in getting the rental agreement and payments between you and the guest in place. For this marketing and booking service we charge a market competitive commission (% of the rental sum) for the period that the property is rented through our mediation.

We treat the properties for which we are responsible as we would treat our own properties.

Depending the specific situation of your property we may fulltime look after all aspects of the house against a fixed monthly fee. In the section Property Management you can find all details of this service.