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Holiday rentals in Sicily

Access to a rich history, astounding nature and a luxurious apartment is all you need to enjoy a magnificent vacation in Italy. Special Umbria’s holiday rentals in Sicily perfectly blend into the varied landscape of this extraordinary island. Mother Nature shows herself from her most attractive angle with rolling hills, far stretching beaches, beautiful cliffs and of course the Etna. This is the backdrop to our holiday rentals in Sicily.

All of our accommodations are situated in such a way that you can enjoy their luxury in the utmost privacy and comfort. You have your own wide and private terrace, a private pool and spacious rooms at your disposal. Returning home will be difficult with all of the beauty you will have to leave behind!

Holiday rentals in Sicily Italy

Splendour is everywhere when you spend your vacation in our holiday rentals in Sicily. Though Italy itself is known for its amazing food, the Sicilian cuisine beats everything. A visit to a restaurant in Syracuse or other cities such as Catania and Palermo suffices to discover the particularity of the many local dishes. After an exhausting descent of the Etna or a long day at the beach, you are free to dine outside, whether that be in an ancient city or in one of our comfortable holiday rentals in Sicily, Italy.

Our accommodations have all been furnished in an atmospheric fashion with handpicked furniture in every room. From your terrace you will have a splendid view on a breathtaking landscape. This is the dream that you will realize in one of our holiday rentals in Italy!

Holiday rentals in Sicily houses

Are you looking for beautiful and secluded holiday rentals in Sicily? All of our houses feature a very distinctive style, enabling you to encounter whole new experiences on the island in a new accommodation every year. In our varied offer, you will find authentic country houses, villas and many other exclusive accommodations. Luxury and comfort are within reach in our holiday rentals in Sicily. The houses are suited for families and close groups of friends. You will also find all the space you need to seclude yourself, if you so desire.

Each and every year Special Umbria literally opens doors to new experiences, in our varied holiday rentals in Puglia and Tuscany, for instance. Visit our extensive Facebook page for more information!

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