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Holiday Rentals in Puglia

Places exist where time seems to have stopped. That is the experience that Special Umbria wants to share with you. Our holiday rentals in Puglia will show you a stunning backdrop of ever changing landscapes; rugged rocky coasts and vast farmlands, as well as picturesque Trulli villages. These roundhouses with a pointed roof are only found in Puglia. You can see them for yourself as you travel to Alberobello. If you like, you can spend the night in a Trullo, literally eye to eye with history.

A true discovery tour awaits you from our holiday rentals in Puglia. The area also has a multitude of stunning cities such as Bari, Lecce, and Ostuni.

Luxury Holiday rentals in Puglia

Do you living from day to day? Then try out luxury holiday rentals in Puglia! Our luxury accommodations have both a spacious terrace as well as a private swimming pool. The rooms are all equipped with hand-selected designer furniture. With our stylish decorations, you will surely feel right at home. The same amount of care and attention is taken for every room, so everyone can enjoy the comfort of solitude whenever they please. In addition to our luxury holiday rentals in Puglia, we also have various other luxurious accommodations to choose from:

Holiday rentals in Puglia Italy

Special Umbria offers a wide variety of authentic holiday rentals in Puglia, Italy. Each accommodation is decorated in its own unique style. We have also selected the most beautiful locations that are outside of the typical tourist hotspots. If you want to take a walk, you will soon be acquainted with the local hospitality. Encounter a range of local restaurants that serve regional dishes. We also invite you to view our range of holiday rentals in Italy, where you will soon discover the wonders that this country has to offer. We cordially invite you to view our holiday rentals in Puglia, Italy, and learn more about this stunning place from the inside. Beauty is everywhere. Enjoy your holiday to the fullest!