City of hidden secrets

Visiting Perugia is an experience you should not miss out on. You will notice this immediately when you take a walk and start discovering the small secrets of the city. Like old narrow streets and picturesque stairs that will take you to the higher city center. Take the Minimetrò to catch your breath. It has stops at some important locations in the city. Good starting points to go and see all the sights. You can also use the escalators that you find throughout the city. Stroll along Corso Vannucci, the city’s main street. These bustling street runs from the Piazza IV Novembre to the Piazza Italia. Here you will find beautiful boutiques, extensive terraces, and plenty of locals to mingle with.

In the most unexpected places, you will be treated to a view of the lower parts of the city and the surrounding hilled landscape. We recommend that you pay particular attention while walking the city. You will soon discover the joy of finding the many hidden niches situated here with statues of saints. They symbolize the history of the city.

A brief history of Perugia

The oldest finds date back to the 8th century BC when Perugia Hill was inhabited by the ancient Etruscans. Remnants of the old city wall can still be admired today. After the annexation by the Romans, Perugia became an important city for some time under the influence of the papal authority. The many churches here testify to this rich past. For example, around the 10th century AD, the church and monastery of San Pietro were built.

Our 5 sights of Perugia and its surroundings!

The narrow streets and old buildings make it a real pleasure to explore Perugia and the surrounding area. Our special tips for sightseeing in Perugia: 

Festivals in Perugia

When it comes to art and culture, you will be amazed in Perugia. You can stroll through the picturesque streets and admire the impressive architecture everywhere in the city. There are several museums and every year a range of large festivals happen with different things to do. We can give you various tips on how to get to know the cultural life of the city in detail. 

Swinging Jazz in Summer

The Umbria Jazz Festival takes place around mid-July every year and goes on for 2 weeks. Every year the organization comes up with a top program. Many famous artists have performed here such as Lady Gaga, John Legend, Liza Minelli, and Diana Krall. In addition to the main program, various free concerts happen throughout Perugia. The good life is celebrated exuberantly during this festival. 

Late summer with chocolate

Eurochocolate marks the end of the summer and the beginning of autumn in Perugia. The festival buzzes with fun everywhere. You don’t want to miss the opening. Life-size chocolate blocks are placed in different places and are transformed into beautiful sculptures by real artists. For a while, the best chocolatiers in the world come to Perugia. Of course not tasting would be a shame! 

Tip: Purchase a Chocolate Card! This is the Wildcard that gives you access to all the exclusive events and occasions of the festival.

Sagra Musicale Umbra

Every September, classic music lovers can enjoy beautiful concerts in an attractive atmosphere. These are held in the most beautiful locations such as old churches and monasteries. Top orchestras from all over the world perform for 3 weeks in and around Perugia. The program each year is varied. There are beautiful religious pieces as well as classical concerts with and without a choir. Sagra means festival and resembles the Italian word sacra: holy. Judge the music for yourself and be enchanted by the stunning decor in combination with the most mesmerizing classic music. 

Music festivals around Lago Trasimeno

The lake is located in the middle of the Umbrian hills, not far from Perugia. Along the banks, you will find the beautiful city of Castiglione del Lago. This is the perfect backdrop for two annual festivals. The Trasimeno Music Festival is organized under the inspiring leadership of pianist Angela Hewitt. In the month of July, performances by world-famous musicians are performed all around the lake for two weeks. In the sweltering warmth of late August, the Umbrian late summer ends with Trasimeno Blues. When listening to this music, you will experience the richness of life ranging from melancholic blues vibes to more swinging jazz sounds. 

Christmas in Perugia

The last month of the year, Perugia is immersed in a magical atmosphere. The whole city is beautifully decorated, as are the many churches, and magical concerts are everywhere to be found. Every restaurant is also festively decorated. Famous is the Christmas market that is held every year around and especially in Rocca Paolina. This lasts the entire month, from approximately December 6th to January 6th. This market is smaller than in other Italian cities, which creates a very unique setting. Italians call this type of Christmas market “mercatino delle strenne”. Strenne are the traditional gifts that were exchanged by the Romans during Saturnalia. With a Christmas in Perugia, you will create a unique experience that you will not soon forget. 

Food and drink in Perugia

Perugia is a city of culinary surprises par excellence. Italian cuisine is known for its refined recipes, which combine simplicity and intense taste sensations in a special way. The pizzas, pasta, and desserts such as tiramisu and panna cotta are world-famous. But every province has its own specialties. Three ingredients, in particular, give Perugia cuisine its unique local flavour:

  • The black truffle: the most famous ingredient that you will find everywhere in the Umbria region. The rich, aromatic taste of the truffle lays the foundation for various regional dishes.
  • The strangozzi or stringozzi: a pasta that is most reminiscent of thick spaghetti. This is often served in main courses with truffle and meat.
  • Torta al testo: named after the brick floor of a traditional Roman oven, or testum. It most resembles focaccia. The base consists of only three components: water, flour, and salt. The torta al testo is served separately or with a filling consisting of cooked spinach-like vegetables, cheese, and prosciutto (smoked Italian ham). The combinations are endless!

In addition to the varied Italian cuisine, Perugia also offers special local dishes and desserts that are typical of the city. The best-known dishes are: 

  • Palombacci: an Umbrian pigeon dish, but in the local version. The meat is seasoned both from the inside and outside and is wrapped in thin slices of prosciutto. This is then placed in the oven to bake. In the alla ghiotta variant, the meat is prepared on a spit. 
  • Brustengolo: originally intended for poor people, but has now been refined to be the well-known dessert of today. It is a richly filled cake of raisins, hazelnuts, walnuts, apples, and pine nuts. In some restaurants, figs are also added. 
  • Ciaramicola: a dessert in the form of a donut, sprinkled with a delicious meringue. 

Everywhere in Perugia, you can eat delicious food, but there are several ways to discover the best dishes: 

  • Eat where the locals eat: this is actually one of the best tips for anyone looking to explore a country or region. The Antico Mondo restaurant in the middle of the old center is recommended for everyone. You will not come across any tourists here, just the pastor and the commander of the local police! 
  • Let yourself be pampered all evening by dining luxuriously. In the Antica Trattoria, local specialties are given a creative twist. You can choose every food with various wine pairings also! 
  • Do you want to score a delicious pizza? Be there early! Pizzeria Mediterranea opens its doors at 19:00. Prices are low, but the pizzas are always delicious. The Italians themselves also like to stand in line here. However, the line can get quite long. This proves just how popular this restaurant is! 
  • Perugia is a chocolate city. Do not forget to taste the famous Baci bonbon. Only then can you really say that you have been in the capital of the region! The chocolate factory, for example, has a nice museum and organizes extensive workshops. 
  • Visit the Bottega del Vino in the city center. There you can enjoy the most delicious wines in the area. Umbria is a well-known wine region. For example, the Montefalco Sagrantino wine is grown in the province of Perugia. You will get to know these and other wines within an attractive environment. 
  • Bars and terraces for a cup of coffee and a beer can be found all over the city. Sit down and enjoy your beverage in peace. Bar Sandri on the Corso Vannucci is highly recommended. This is a historic bar with beautiful paneling that blends harmoniously into a semicircular ceiling that is gracefully painted. The staff are dressed in style and the cafe also serves the most delicious cakes!

Weather in Perugia

Perugia is located on average at about 500 meters above sea level and the area around the city has a pleasant Mediterranean climate. The average annual temperature for Perugia is 18°C and there is about 319 mm of rain in a year. On average, it is dry for about 194 days a year in Perugia. Perugia has a humidity of 74% and an UV index of 4. 

jan feb mar apr may jun jul aug sep oct nov dec
8°C 9°C 14°C 17°C 21°C 25°C 29°C 30°C 24°C 20°C 14°C 9°C
24mm 33mm 30mm 28mm 36mm 32mm 19mm 14mm 23mm 21mm 35mm 24mm

Because of the mild winters and warm, dry summers, Perugia is a great place to stay all year round. The best time for a sunny holiday in Perugia is from May to September. During this time, you can enjoy pleasant warm temperatures with barely any rainfall. In the summer months, the average temperature is around 30°C and peaks at around 40°C. Autumn is also a wonderful time to stay here, and even October is pleasant and has a warmer temperature of about 20°C.

This mild climate is what makes the dazzling green hilled landscapes so vibrant. Umbria is known to the Italians as the green heart of Italy. As a province of this region, Perugia is no exception.

Holiday rentals in Perugia

Perugia is a very versatile city. With us,  you will find a wide range of luxury holiday rentals in Perugia. This includes rentals/houses both on the outskirts of the city as well as the outskirts of the region. Each rental has been selected for its beautiful appearance and unique location in the surrounding hilly landscape. You will find a large garden with a spacious terrace. In addition, we have equipped all rooms with a luxurious and stylish interior, with mostly designer furniture. The various houses of Special Umbria are of course air-conditioned and in many cases also have a heated swimming pool. 

A selection of our offers:

Properties in Perugia

Perugia is located on average about 500 meters above sea level and the area around the city has a very pleasant climate. The mild winters, warm, dry summers, and fantastic surroundings make this the ideal place to own a house. 

The perfect dream house looks different for everyone. With Special Umbria, we will make your idyllic dream of owning a house in Perugia come true. We adapt our service completely to your wishes so that you can design the project of your dreams. We have a wide range of knowledge when it comes to everything about homes. For example, we organize renovations, restorations, furnishing management and we can also take care of any rental for you. There are endless possibilities for you to choose from. Below we will explain in more detail 3 of the major possibilities for you:

Choose and enjoy!

To start with, Special Umbria has an exclusive range of luxury houses for sale near Perugia. We have applied strict criteria in the selection, such as a unique location, air conditioning, large rooms, a spacious terrace with panoramic views, and the presence of a private swimming pool. In most cases, the garden is already fully furnished so you can enjoy it immediately after the move. Not all of these criteria may be met, but when we show you our country house and luxury villas, you are always assured of one thing; sheer luxury - no more and no less! You will have a perfect starting position to furnish your freshly acquired home with a lot of creativity and pleasure. 

Design your own dream!

Imagine, you have found a beautiful accommodation from our offer, but there are still some details that you would like to fill in yourself to make it your dream home. For this, you can use the extensive Special Umbria real estate service. We offer you various options. One of these is interior consulting. We will help you with the complete interior of your home. Based on your wishes, we will make an extensive sketch. From this, we will fill in the individual details one by one in consultation with you. This way we will help you find exactly the right design furniture that matches your personal sense of style. The result is a house that is completely furnished to your wishes.

Do you have bigger ambitions with your property, such as an extension with an extra bathroom, conservatory, or the reconstruction of your terrace? With our construction and project management team, we will take most of this work off your hands. When you go to live abroad, you will have to deal with all kinds of rules and regulations, such as a permit application. The latter is often a complex process where you need the permission of the local or regional authorities.

It can also be difficult to make clear agreements with contractors, architects, and other involved parties. Special Umbria knows the way and can therefore optimally represent your interests. We do not see language, culture, and local customs as an obstacle, but as a challenge we enjoy facing. On our Special Umbria design page, you will find inspiring examples of projects that we have successfully completed.

Start from scratch!

Nothing is more fun than discovering a world full of possibilities. Do you know exactly what your dream house should look like, but have you not yet found the perfect place? Then we can map out the possibilities together. This will be done in a simple yet effective way. We will draw up an extensive list of criteria together with you and then search for you. Based on this, we will offer you a selection of homes that match your wishes. 

As a recognized real estate agent, we can assist you with both the mediation and negotiations with the selling party. No dream is out of reach if you choose Special Umbria. You cannot have more freedom! For example, you may want to start from an unbuilt plot of land and end up with a luxury villa specially designed by you. Are you an architect yourself or would you like to hire one of our architects? Everything is possible. We can guide you through the entire process, from permit application to the last stone and from the complete interior to the possible rental!

Flying to Perugia

Perugia and the surrounding area are easily accessible thanks to the multiple airports in the area, including Umbria International Airport (Perugia), at 15 car minutes distance.

Albania Tirana Airport
Austria Vienna Airport
Belgium Brussels-Charleroi airport
Italy Brindisi (Puglia) airport
Italy Cagliari (Sardinia) airport
Italy Catania (Sicily) airport
Italy Olbia (Sardinia) airport
Italy Palermo (Sicily) airport
Malta Malta Airport
Netherlands Rotterdam-The Hague airport
Poland Krakow airport
Romania Bucharest airport
Spain Barcelona airport
United Kingdom London Stansted Airport
United Kingdom London Heathrow airport

Other airports are Ancona International Airport (Le Marche), at 1.15 hours by car, Florence international airport (Firenze-Peretola), 1.45 hours by car and Rome International airport “Giovan Battista Pastine” (Ciampino), at 2 hours by car and Rome Intercontinental airport “Leonardo da Vinci” (Fiumicino), at approximately 2.15 car hours. Perugia has a train station from where you can travel to different destinations and airports in Italy.

Would you like to know more about our holiday rentals, our properties, or our services in Perugia, Italy? Check out our Facebook page for more information, view our available accommodations on our website, or feel free to contact us! We are more than happy to help you. 

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