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Luxury Villa Italy

Experience the authentic Italian lifestyle by staying in a luxury villa in Italy. When you open your windows in the morning you will be greeted by a stunning view of green hills, olive groves, vast vineyards and fields with sunflowers.

You make your plans for the day while sipping your espresso or cappuccino on your spacious terrace. Just a drive away are picturesque villages where you are welcome to have a look around. At Special Umbria we make your dreams come true with a luxury villa in Italy that suits you.

Book an elegant accomodation for an unforgettable vacation or buy your own villa! We will assist you in every possible way.

Luxury villa Italy for sale

Your daydream becomes a reality when you find a luxury villa in Italy for sale. Special Umbria will guide you in every aspect of the purchase, the renovation, funding and furnishing. We strive to give you that homey feeling. To achieve this we will find you the most beautiful house and decorate it to your liking.

We offer your luxury villa in Italy for sale with a swimming pool. The view from your house is our priority. This way you will always enjoy the Italian landscape, wherever you are. Is it not possible for you to permanently live in your elegant accommodation? Let us know and we will find suitable tenants for you and increase your budget.

Luxury villa Umbria Italy

Many people see the middle of Italy as the most beautiful part of the country in terms of nature and culture. This region borders Tuscany with the same breathtaking green landscape with flowing hills, cypresses and fields of sunflowers.

A luxury villa in Umbria, Italy, is the best present you can give yourself. Here you have the perfect basis for a visit to Assisi and many other old cities in the area.

At Special Umbria we have villas for hire and for sale. We give you an unforgettable vacation by decorating an elegant residence. A property in Umbria will show you Italy at its most beautiful!

Luxury villa Sicily Italy

Would you like to escape the cold months and enjoy a pleasant climate instead? This is a possibility with a luxury villa in Sicily, Italy. You might live in the region of Catania and have a view of the imposing Etna volcano. You can find yourself in a peaceful place that is off the beaten track and free of tourists. During winter and spring the hills are a beautiful green, until summer, when the vegetation and foliage turn golden brown. At Special Umbria you will easily find a luxury villa in the heart of the island. At the house is plenty of room for parking your car. Take a drive to Palermo, Corleone or Syracuse and go explore. The shared past of the Greek and Roman cultures is waiting for you. Hire or buy your luxury villa in Sicily and experience Italy the way you’re supposed to!

Luxury villa Puglia Italy

Puglia is one of the most authentic regions of Italy, located in the tip of the boot. Here you will find a rocky coastline, several cave churches and old trulli; houses in the inlands with iconic pointy roofs. Do you want the luxury villa in Puglia, Italy, to be entirely yours? At Special Umbria we will assist you with the purchase, commissioning and find you suitable tenants. It is also possible to hire a luxury villa in Puglia, Italy, and experience an extraordinary vacation. Have a look on our website: our beautiful pictures will certainly appeal to you.