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Maybe you have enjoyed one or more holidays in one of the houses and apartments that SpecialUmbria offers to rent. Or, you are on the look for a property to buy in Italy for some time. You may have seen all kinds of properties for sale during your stay in Umbria. You probably have fallen in love with the region of Umbria and you have decided to buy ‘something’. Or even, you have found a suitable place you would like to but you would like to really understand what you can expect before you really buy.

SpecialUmbria is available to give you the helping hand. We have gone through the entire experience ourselves and since 2008 we have successfully guided many of our clients. We see it as our aim to help you finding your dream property, assisting you to understand all the important aspects when buying and guiding you smoothly through the entire acquisition process.

Special Umbria as real estate agent

Since early 2010 SpecialUmbria is a certified real estate agent registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Perugia (PG), Italy. Always within the framework of our philosophy (see also ‘About us’ on this website) we stand for optimal service to guide you through the entire acquisition process. We guarantee extensive communication and explanation of every detail regarding the property, making also the whole buying process a smooth and pleasant experience. We are not only your estate agent, but also your guide on more (touristic) information in the region, being one of the major players in the high end rental market in Umbria since 2008.

The profession of  real estate agent / mediator in Italy is strictly regulated by law. The agent is entitled to mediate the sale/acquisition of real estate both on behalf of the owner as well as on behalf of the buyer (double representation). Also, the agent may work for only one the parties, like only the seller or only the buyer (single representation). In any case agents are required to be registered and must clearly inform any of the parties involved about their role and point out all duties and rights. Only once an agent has presented a specific property to you as a potential buyer and you will eventually buy this property, this agent (and only this agent!) is entitled to receive commission from the buyer, once the buyer has been notified of the signed acceptance by the seller of the offer to purchase signed by the buyer. Our commission for the mediation of the purchase is market competitive (% of the purchase price agreed with the selling party).

In all other cases, you are not required to pay any fee for any specific work unless explicitly agreed upfront with the agent involved.

SpecialUmbria always works along these principles. At the start of any working relationship SpecialUmbria explains everything what it can and will do and will give upfront clear quotes of its fees so that a buyer can fully decide in freedom. Once a buyer has selected a property to purchase, a proper collaboration agreement written in English for the mediation of the acquisition of the property will be signed by the buyer and SpecialUmbria.

Special Umbria as search agent

We are happy to work with you as your trusted search agent. This may be at any stage of your property search, from the very beginning or even when you have already identified the object of your choice and would need advice and assistance for the next steps of buying.

We believe it’s fundamental to define your search criteria as interested buyer as clearly as possible.

We would start with an intensive intake (telephone call or meeting) to discuss your ideas, wishes and needs. We will define a clear list of search criteria and its priorities. We will not only look for the house or apartment of your dreams in our own portfolio of objects and projects for sale but also within our network of trusted colleague estate agents. During every further step of the acquisition process from visiting potential houses and apartments (on your behalf or together with you), the negotiation process as well as the buying itself, we will guide and facilitate you.

We are able to guide you during any step of your property search, whether you have just started to look or whether you have already found a place, we're there to assist

If you prefer working with us during your search, and not via another agent but you may have seen properties for sale with another agency, we suggest taking contact with us first. We’ll be happy to contact the other agent on your behalf and obtain all the information you need.

Your search criteria

Before we start searching together we believe it’s fundamental to define your search criteria as interested buyer as clearly as possible. This list will enable us to find you the best property. In our experience it would be important to consider the following questions/items:  

  1. Use and function

how will you use the property: as a private residence, as a business investment (acquiring via a company), as a rental object or a mix?

  1. Location (is key!)

    1. accessibility be from abroad (distance from international airports, availability of motorways, length and quality of local access roads)

    2. vicinity of direct neighbors (extent of required privacy)

    3. town planning of the direct environment (urbanization plans)

    4. position of the house/apartment (altitude and specific land characteristics (hill side, plain land, general weather conditions))

  2. Type and size of object:

required minimum and maximum dimensions (sqm) and internal lay out, ruin / off plan building project or ready-to-move-in solution, eventual extra building allowance;

  1. Size of private land:

required minimum and maximum dimensions (sqm), type of land (garden, wood, farmland, olive grove, vineyards, etc.);

  1. Availability of external services:

proximity of villages/large cities (shops, restaurants, specific sport facilities, et cetera);

  1. Availability of internal services:

supply of electricity (also photovoltaic), gas, water (mains / private well), sewage, internet and mobile telephone reception;

  1. Budget:

An idea of how much you are willing to invest, is helpful during the search.

Together with you we will prepare a full list of your search criteria and define its priorities.

Four steps when buying

Generally we walk down the following path with our clients where we come across the following

  1. Property search and selection

As laid out above, we support you in defining your search criteria and start looking for suitable properties, in our own portfolio (both online and offline) and sometimes also within our network, e.g. with our partner colleague agents.

You may select the properties of your interest and we will organise guided visits for you to view these properties. Upon a joint evaluation you may decide to make an offer to purchase.

  1. Offer to purchase and negotiation

Through the mediation of SpecialUmbria you as a potential buyer will negotiate the sales price and all other relevant terms, like timing and eventual suspending conditions. The latter means that if one or more of these suspending conditions are not overcome, the parties can refrain from the deal without any cost. Suspending conditions can be:

  1. pre-emption rights;
  2. technical and legal status of the property;
  3. feasibility study when building, restoring and/or renovating after the purchase;
  4. availability of financing.

SpecialUmbria will be happy to further explain in a personal meeting how the investigation of these conditions may work.

The acquisition/sale of the real estate property is a legal fact as soon as the buyer has been notified (by the agent) of the acceptance by the seller of the offer to purchase done by the buyer.

  1. Preliminary sales agreement

As soon as all terms and conditions of the sale have been defined, these will be written down in a bilingual contract called preliminary sales agreement that the parties will countersign. Normally the buyer will pay a deposit to the notary, chosen by the buyer, who will hold it in her or his escrow bank account. The deposit will become a confirming down payment as soon as all suspending conditions have been overcome.

It is possible but not mandatory to sign this preliminary sales agreement in front of the notary and have it registered (and transcribed) at the Real Estate Register, as are all final deeds of conveyance. SpecialUmbria will be happy to explain the pros and cons.

What seems to be an unclear and complex journey in an unknown foreign area, we may turn into a clear and pleasant one

It is further regulated by law that the buyer as a consumer is well protected: if an owner withdraws from the countersigned preliminary sales agreement or offer to purchase, the buyer is entitled to not only ask his or her deposit back but also ask the owner the same amount as indemnification; if on the other hand the buyer withdraws from the sale without motivation, the owner is entitled to claim the deposit as indemnification.

  1. Deed of conveyance

As soon as all suspending conditions have been overcome, the party promising to sell is entitled to receive the confirmatory down payment from the notary and the parties will agree on a time and date to go to the notary where both the seller and buyer will sign the final deed of conveyance. The balance of the agreed sales price will be paid at the same day and the owner will leave the keys of the house and gives the property into possession of the buyer.

Other important aspects

Some other aspects that are of importance when buying property through us can be:

  • timing;
  • identity of seller;
  • rights of way;
  • taxes.

If you are interested in working with us on your property search we are happy to discuss your wishes and needs, and we may answer all your questions regarding the entire process. Please feel free to contact us without any obligations. For an overview of the properties for sale in our portfolio click here.


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