Brief History Lago Trasimeno

The most memorable event in the area around Lago Trasimeno is the huge battle that took place around 217 BC. Here, the army of Gaius Flaminius Nepos was devastatingly defeated by the troops of the legendary army commander Hannibal. However, the first archaeological finds date back to prehistoric times, which is not surprising due to the abundant water. Lago Trasimeno is a so-called “endorheic lake”, without discharge to the sea. It is fed by rain and various small and large streams. This fact has largely determined history. Several times the water level dropped drastically and the lake threatened to dry up. In its current state, the water surface is approximately 128 km2 with a maximum depth of around 7 metres.

Sights Lago Trasimeno

Not only the lake but also the surrounding hilly landscape makes Lago Trasimeno a wonderful place to dream away and forget the time. You can enjoy fishing, swimming, or you can take a boat trip to admire the lake from all sides. The various picturesque villages along the banks and further inland are well worth the visit. Special Umbria has made a selection for you.


There are several events that you can enjoy within Lago Trasimeno. You will be amazed by the beautiful culture and festivals here. We can give you various tips on how to get to know the cultural life of the city in detail.

Festa del Tulipano

During this beautiful annual festival, which takes place in mid-late April, Castiglione del Lago is set ablaze with a colourful display of floats decorated with tulips. It depicts allegorical scenes that symbolize the rich history of this fortified town. The locals participate fully in the party by dressing up in medieval clothing and by decorating their houses completely with flowers and tulips. The old castle is the centre of various activities.

Umbria Jazz

This festival annually enhances the warm summer months in Perugia. It takes place in mid-July, with Piazza IV Novembre as the historical centrepiece for ever-legendary performances. In the past, greats such as Lady Gaga, John Legend, Liza Minelli, and Diana Krall have performed here. In addition to the main stage, there are several other stages where free performances are given. Everywhere in the city, it buzzes with life. If you are staying around Lago Trasimeno in July, it would be a shame to miss this fantastic opportunity.

Trasimeno Music festival & Trasimeno Blues

During this festival in August, under the inspiring leadership of Angela Hewitt, there are a large number of performances in a wide range of music styles. In addition to jazz and blues, classical pieces are also performed here, including within the walls of the old castle of Castiglione del Lago. A more magical setting is hard to imagine. The entire area around the lake is enveloped in a warm summer atmosphere. Because it can get quite hot in the summer, you can enjoy balmy summer evenings until late. Melancholic and exuberant music, during this festival you will be enchanted by the most beautiful summer sounds. In the sweltering warmth of late August, the Umbrian late summer ends with Trasimeno Blues. When listening to this music, you will experience the richness of life ranging from melancholic blues vibes to more swinging jazz sounds. 

Food and drink

The local dishes prepared in Trasimeno are strongly influenced by Umbrian cuisine. Because Umbria is one of the few regions in Italy that is not connected to the sea, people live from the land. The inhabitants are clearly proud that they only use products that can be found in their own region for their meals. The result is an honest, pure taste.

Some typical seasonings:

●    The black truffle: found all over the region, which is quite unusual for an ingredient known to be rare. The truffles are often eaten with a thick spaghetti but they don’t call it like that. The strangozzi or stringozzi (not everyone agrees on the spelling) is a delicious pasta. For a change, ask the local why you don’t cut the pasta. The answer is surprisingly honest: the pasta is homemade almost everywhere, and an artisan work of art leaves you intact!

●    Regional wines: you don’t have to be an expert to see that almost everywhere in Umbria you can see vineyards. The predominantly hilly landscape in combination with the warm weather and sufficient rain provides a perfect basis for the best wines. 

●    Olives: If you don’t get fresh olives, you have clearly chosen the wrong restaurant. There are almost as many olive groves as there are vineyards. Olives are also a popular addition to the various antipasti, the traditional small appetizers. 

●    The wooden pigeon: the traditional palombacci, a pigeon in a prosciutto jacket is an indispensable part of the Umbrian kitchen. We can only give one tip: taste, enjoy and experience the many different preparation methods.

Top 6 restaurants:

●    Ristorante la Cantina, on Via Vittoria Emanuele in Castiglione del Lago: the higher terrace with a wide view over the lake is the perfect setting for the most delicious dishes. Everything served here comes from the region, pure and honest. The menu is diverse and also has a lot to offer the vegetarian.

●   Il Cainone, on Via Valderigo in San Feliciano: a great place to eat if you want good food for a good price. They serve pizzas, but also various pasta and regional dishes.

●   Enoteca Il molo: The perfect place if you love wine and want to eat well. This property on Via Aganor Pompili in Passignano Sul Trasimeno has two terraces: on the side of the lake and on a narrow street. On a warm evening, it offers more pleasant cooling, but it can also sometimes be chilly. Exquisite wines are served, as you would expect from a vinotheque.

●    L'Angolo del Buon Gustaio in Castiglione del Lago: this is a beautiful terrace on Via Vittorio Emanuele, one of the main streets in the old part of the city. Here you can order delicious antipasti. This is enjoying the simple food and various local specialities. The wines served are also excellent.

●     Lo Scoiattolo: you don't have to be close to the lake to enjoy a good meal and a view of Trasimeno. This restaurant is located in Niccone, on a very. The terrace offers a spectacular view over the lake. Make sure you choose a day with good weather. The local dishes with truffle are very worthwhile.

●    Porta Senese: our favourite, in the middle of the pleasant town of Castiglione del Lago, on Via Vittorio Emanuele 4. This small restaurant has a small number of tables which, combined with a modern design, enhance the intimate atmosphere. In Porta Senese, various Umbrian and Tuscan specialities are served for a fair price. You can enjoy a delicious wine arrangement here. The service is hospitable and provides a clear explanation of the various courses and dishes. Lunch or dinner here is really recommended. We recommend that you make a reservation in advance.

Weather at Lago Trasimeno

The climate around Lago Trasimeno can be compared well with the climate of the nearby Umbrian capital Perugia. Summers are warm and hot and winters particularly mild. The period from May to October is the best time for the real sun lovers, but even in November and late March and early April, there are pleasant warm days. There is enough rain to keep the rolling hills nice and green, but not excessively. Are you tired of bitterly cold winters and want to exchange your country for the Mediterranean climate of Italy? Then the area around Lago Trasimeno has everything to offer.

Holiday rentals Lago Trasimeno area

Perugia is a very versatile city. With us,  you will find a wide range of luxury holiday rentals in Lago Trasimeno area, like Perugia. This includes rentals/houses both on the outskirts of the city as well as the outskirts of the region. Each rental has been selected for its beautiful appearance and unique location in the surrounding hilly landscape. You will find a large garden with a spacious terrace. In addition, we have equipped all rooms with a luxurious and stylish interior, with mostly designer furniture. The various houses of Special Umbria are of course air-conditioned and in many cases also have a heated swimming pool. 

A selection of our offers:

Properties near Lago Trasimeno 

Perugia is located on average about 500 meters above sea level and the area around the city has a very pleasant climate. The mild winters, warm, dry summers, and fantastic surroundings make this the ideal place to own a house. We have a wide range of properties near Lago Trasimeno that we can adapt completely to your wishes. 

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Travel to Lago Trasimeno

Near Trasimeno, about half an hour to one hour's car drive away, is Umbria International airport (Perugia).

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From the city of Perugia, the toll free motorway leads directly to the northeast of the lake, after which you can continue along the lake all the way to Castiglione del Lago. The area more south of the lake is also easily accessible by car. There is a good main road passing Castel del Piano, Tavernelle di Panicale and Città della Pieve, among others. In addition, there is an exit to the beautiful Medieval Panicale, gently nestled on a top of one of the hills surrounding the Lake.

Other airports are Ancona International Airport (Le Marche), at 2 hours by car, Florence international airport (Firenze-Peretola), 1.45 hours by car and Rome International airport “Giovan Battista Pastine” (Ciampino), at 1.50 hours by car and Rome Intercontinental airport “Leonardo da Vinci” (Fiumicino), at approximately 2 car hours. Città della Pieve has a train station nearby in Chiusi – Chianciano Terme from where you can travel directly to different destinations and airports in Italy, even abroad.

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