Turn-key Price Starting from 1,730 mio
  Price for the property in its current state is Eur 295.000. For an average of 350 sqm of property (4-5 bedrooms), including planning, demolition of existing buildings, construction and interior and exterior design, cost will start at 1,4 mio Euros.
Dimensions The existing main building has a surface of approximately 350 sqm to and the small annexes together have a surface of approximately 120 sqm. Both these surfaces can be used for restoration. Possible to apply to the extra 100 sqm of buildable allowance foreseen in the Regional Law.
The land around is agricultural and it is in total approximately 57.000 sqm
Location Click here for location map
Duration Estimate time starting from project's approval by Authorities to final completion approximately 2/2,5 years.
Rental Potential

Pending on number of sleeps, after a SpecialUmbria project, it can be expected full occupancy in high season, and half occuppancy on shoulder seasons. Please check our Rental portfolio in Umbria.

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Prugneto Project

At only 15 minute from Perugia, this large farmhouse is to be restored.

Prugneto is a very peculiar restoration project involving a typical farmhouse and two annexes. Very easy to reach, with an amazing historical classical villa in the view and surrounded by sweet rooling hills, and fields. The main house dates back to 1600, and further uses af the farmhouse are in the 30's until the 60's when the last farmers used the property.

One of the features that immediately struck us when we visited this property, is the ease of access, combined with the beauty of the surrounding environment. Not only the famous Villa del Cardinale rises majestically in the distance, with its view framed by the big trees present on premises of Prugneto, but also the road to arrive, with its vineyards, its fields, really make this place one of a kind. With its square meters, and the conformation of the land, Prugneto is an invitation to create your own dream home.

The project involves the use of 470 smq approximately with the possibility to add a further 100 sqm based on current regulation. It is possible to build a pool.

The whole property boasts also 2 hectares and a half of woodland in which several panoramic paths are present and to enjoy.

The mentioned “starting from EUR 1,730 mio” price comprises an estimate of the total cost to incur in a project to come to a turn-key delivery of the property: construction (renovation, new build or restoration pending the situation) included the building’s structure where necessary as well as all finishings including systems and swimming pool, landscaping and planting of garden, technical fees (e.g. architect, engineer, surveyor), project & design management by SpecialUmbria, all interior and exterior furniture and decorations.

Please find here more information on finding and buying real estate property in Italy.


The buyer can specify their own internal layout and the design of the property on completion of the sale. This includes the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the kitchen(s) and living areas. The buyer might like to consider further options such as a wine cellar, technical and utility areas, dressing rooms and fitted wardrobes.



The council will allow the construction of a swimming pool. During a finishing project, terraces and landscaping can be decided.


Electricity is present: it has been connected to the main electrical line and installed the meter;
Water is present: it has been connected to main water and a well can be digged.
Sewage system: it is installed a septic tank.
LPG tank : we are courrently collecting information.
All the other technical equipments will be decided upon the project.
Underfloor heating and cooling system, digging of well, installation of solar panels, are calculated in the total cost of the project.


Class to be established upon the start of the project for finishing

Other features

Direct environment

With amazing historical villa in the view and only 250 mt of white road, Prugneto is not hisolated but privacy is 100% granted.

Property Management

SpecialUmbria can look after every step from acquisition to full finishing/completion, interior and exterior design. Upon completion SpecialUmbria can offer full property management services all year through for this property, as well as renting out if desired. You can find more information in the separate section 'Property Services' on this website.


SpecialUmbria will charge a separate fee beside the one charged to the buyer for the mediation on the purchase, and it will be based upon work load and requests of buyers.


The asking price refers to the acquisition of the property in the current condition. The estimate of the cost of the turn-key project includes all the delivery of works and materials including finishing and systems, all fees from technicians and project management fee from SpecialUmbria.


Click map for detailed location


The direct environment consists of gently sloping hills and open fields. The city of Perugia is at about 12 km. The first facilities are at 3 km.


Nearest airports are Umbria International Airport Sant'Egidio near Perugia (20 km); Ancona (150 km); Florence (150 km); Ciampino (205 km); Rome Fiumicino (220 km).


Colle Umberto (3 km); Corciano (10 km) Perugia Center (12 km); Magione - Lake Trasimeno (15 km); Umbertide (28 km); Panicale (37 km); Assisi (45 km); Cortona (44 km); Città della Pieve (48 km); Siena (100 km); Firenze (145 km); Rome(195 km).

Leisure & activities

Building Project

SpecialUmbria will be happy to tell you more about Prugneto Project and discuss with you in detail the definition of your own customized project aimed at realizing the property of your dreams.

This visual chart describes the headlines of the process of project with SpecialUmbria. Furthermore, you may want to visit our design section to see some fine examples of the design and building projects we have completed since 2008. Also, a full general description of a so called SpecialUmbria turn-key delivery for a property is available, as is a clarifying vocabulary.

Please send us your free inquiry to obtain more information on Prugneto Project by SpecialUmbria.