Property Services

You know Italy very well, you have fallen in love with a specific region, you have decided to spend as much time as possible there and you would like to invest in your dream: enjoying your own property abroad... Obviously, realising this dream means for most of us setting up a big project that will need a lot of effort. But, your project should also be FUN to complete!

As with most large projects you will face potential risks: risks that should not become pitfalls or disastrous experiences. Without wanting to scare you off, one can imagine the following potentials risks related to acquiring property abroad.

Potential risks in case of building and restoration

  1. Not meeting the agreed deadlines, resulting in costly delay in construction projects
  2. Misunderstandings through miscommunication, also due to lack of language skills
  3. Things which should have already been arranged, but have actually not
  4. Cultural differences in needs and ways of execution
  5. Lack of clarity on the proper (legal) procedures to be followed
  6. Unexpected extra costs due to any kind of extras that have been underestimated
  7. Seemingly forgotten but costly essentials as irrigation water supply (digging a well), telephone, internet and satellite facilities as well as solar panels and photovoltaic systems, etc.

Potential risks in case of possession

  1. Neglect due to long absence
  2. Houses which look abandoned and may be a potential goal for burglars
  3. Drying up of the garden or related problems
  4. Absence of direct supervision during or right after bad weather conditions
  5. Bad shape of the house and its direct surroundings upon the moment you would like to get in and enjoy a well deserved break or holiday

Potential risks in case of renting out

  1. Damages to the house by tenants
  2. More guests than agreed
  3. When you are at the property yourself, you may not feel at home anymore

Obviously, you would like to exclude as many risks as possible and, most importantly, any risks that may occur will have to be managed carefully on a day to day basis. If you are abroad most of the time and/or lack of proper time and of capabilities (e.g. network / language skills) it means you would like to count on qualified professionals who are on the spot, know all local customs, are internationally oriented, are aware of cultural differences, who speak different languages, are fully focused on resolving any problems and issues and, above all, deliver the results you want to achieve!

Our services include:

  1. Construction & Project Management: supporting your property (re)construction project from start to end
  2. Interior Consulting: advice and delivery of suitable furniture and decoration
  3. Property Management: maintaining your property all the year through
  4. Exclusive Rental & Sales Services: generating an extra income out of your property

For further information on all of these services please contact us directly.