For many years the current owners of Bellaria, a family from London, rented some rooms for their summer holiday in this house, which at that time was a B&B. They loved the countryside between Montepulciano and Castigliano del Lago so much that they decided to look around for a house for themselves.

It was in fact the owner of the B&B who told them in 2015 that he had in mind to sell his place and go back to England after he had lived for many years in Italy.  In September 2015 they were the new owners of a very large property, full of furniture, as the owner left his house with only taking back home his toothbrush.

The question to Special Umbria was, please create a Special Umbria house for us and please do it withinvthe timeframe of only 7 months! At the start of the project the house was completely full of furniture and the last renovation was done in the 90’s, all in the traditional dark brown Umbrian style.

In the space of only 7 months, everyone involved in the renovation work has helped to breathe life and love back into this wonderful house. We managed to bring back quite a lot of the old furniture, by giving it new colors, or take off the dark browm polish. 

Along with a local architect, they started the renovation works in January 2016 and by the end of July 2016, Bellaria was ready for its first guests. The project was an enormous achievement, made possible by a very motivated and dedicated group of local professionals and artisans who all worked intensively together. Bellaria still feels like an old building, but one that is ready for the new generation to appreciate and enjoy. The property is now an exclusive rental villa for groups of up to 12 people, where the interiors and exteriors are focused on a fresh and colorful country style and modern design.

The style of the house demonstrate perfectly how modern and classic can sit comfortably side by side.


Binami, Umbria



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