Castellaccio Suite

The wish of our Belgian clients was to build a property for just two persons. A private villa with pool on a true magnificent plot of land they found in the hills outside Piegaro near Lake Trasimeno. They bought the best views and had in mind to build a so called tiny house, all alone with the nature around you.

Together with the help of a local architect, we made a design and started the works.

After an intensive year of desining, building and making it true, Castellaccio Suite we finished in March 2019. From different aspects this is an unique project. Never before we did a project like this, a house with pool only for two guests! The budget was very tight from the beginning and this restriction we took as a challange. Making choices for a lower budget, but without doing any concession to quality. It was fun in the end and together with the owners, who were very involved in this project as well, we made some very nice decisions. It became a very modern place which perfectly fits into the traditional countryside around the house and already we welcomed a lot of very happy couples.


Piegaro, Umbria