Le More

Le More was completed in September 2021, following a build that was conceived, project-managed and interior designed by Special Umbria.

In close collaboration with our Swedish clients we created the unique style for Le More. The interior takes design inspiration from Scandinavia, Italy, and the Sixties, expertly blending them to create a clean, subtle, cohesive whole.

It is a property of perfect poise with its soft-coloured stone, tiled roof and elegant chimney. It sits in an ancient landscape of breathtaking beauty where the views from the house are matched by the design and artistry within.

The property is divided into a main house with three large en-suite bedrooms on the first floor, and a guest house with a separate entrance that has another two spacious en-suites. Built from warm, local stone in vernacular style,

Natural materials, including oak, marble and linen, provide a backdrop for specially commissioned artwork and furniture. Curves complement angles and functional details are not forgotten.


Piegaro, Umbria