Podere Masale

End 2013 we started this redesign project for an English family, living in Singapore at that time. They had just aquired this villa. Their wish was to create a real family home, where they could stay with their children and family and if they would not be in Italy the house had to be a warm cosy holiday villa for rent.  

We worked in close collaboration during the project. We decided to bringfrom their storage quite some antique family pieces and we combined this with modern elements and with fresh touches of color. 

In 6 months time we replaced all floors, all 6 batrrooms, we created an opening from the new kitchen to the dining area and a new pool had to be built. We managed to do it in this short period of time. In the years after we did every year some new smaller projects, which makes the project an ongoing one, which makes it even more satisfactionary.


Todi, Umbria