Villa ai Colli di Sopra

Villa ai Colli di Sopra just outside Lucca is the fulfillment of a long time desire of a Dutch family to have their family home in this specific part of Italy. It has been a intensive, creative journey in which we collaborated closely together with the well known architect Pietro Pellegrini from Lucca and with a very trusted team of local artigians. This old villa was brought back to life using the original character of this centuries old historical building. We restored the old fresco's, adjusted the old floors with exactly the same tiles that were placed in the beginning of 1900, still being produced by the same factory in Lucca. Around these elements we built the design, which has contemporary, modern elements to make it a 2021 family home, with total respect of the history. It has been a wonderful project, full of creativity and inspiration. 


Lucca, Tuscany