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If you don't want to leave Puglia with an ugly, inauthentic souvenir you'll soon forget, check out our selection of the best shops in Puglia, from fashion to design, antiques and ceramics.

We understand the desire to buy souvenirs - they're physical evidence of the trip we've taken and something that will forever remind us of a special moment. But let's be honest, how often have we actually bought something that we're really proud to display in our home? Well, since not all souvenirs are light as a magnet and take up a lot of space in our luggage, let's make that souvenir worth it and last forever. 

If you don't know which souvenir is worth taking home from Puglia, we suggest you read this guide and then decide whether you are more interested in a ceramic vase, a garment made from old embroidered tablecloths, a lampshade made from a fishing pot or a luminaria.


Officine Silentio - Ostuni

The Officine Silentio Concept Store is located in the historic center of Ostuni and showcases a collection of clothing, accessories, home furnishings and carefully selected vintage pieces.

The Silentio brand was created by Luca Fumagalli and Valentina Zago, who both come from the luxury fashion industry. It was born from their passion for colors, for the free and relaxed lifestyle of Puglia, its scents and its contrasts, which inspire them every day.  Designed in Italy and produced in different parts of the world (India, Japan, Mexico, Colombia, Vietnam, Uzbekistan and, of course, Puglia!), Silentio products offer an eclectic and sophisticated style, thanks to the research of ancient and precious techniques and processes of printing and embroidery made by the hands of small artisans, in order to offer unique and special pieces.

Candido 1859 - Maglie

Opened in 1859 in the town of Maglie, this family-run concept store is still one of the greatest examples of Puglia's entrepreneurial spirit. Since 1859, the family that has run it for five generations has had only one rule: to look to the future. This means not being burdened by the past and always innovating. A rule that has allowed them to become a leading company among the fashion shops of Salento and Puglia, anticipating future trends and attracting even the youngest generations.

Vico dei Bolognesi Concept Store - Lecce

Located in the historical center of Lecce, Vico dei Bolognesi is a concept store focused on the sale of unique things from all over the world: clothing, accessories, home complements, furniture, gadgets, jewelry and more. Vico dei Bolognesi was born in 2016 from the desire to bring to Lecce and Salento a life experience matured and refined in more than 30 years of work in the fashion world of its founders. Contemporary lines coexist with classical inspirations in a game of references and quotations that create poetic suggestions without overlooking excellence. Only in this way, through the emotion of beauty, does our entire journey touch the most vibrant of craftsmanship and creativity, from Spain to Israel, from Scandinavia to France, from Italy to Japan. In a constant search for adrenaline and authentic beauty.

Tulsishop - Marittima di Diso - Gallipoli - Savelletri Di Fasano - Capitolo

Tulsishop was born in Deborah Nolan's kitchen in Salento as a personal challenge and is now one of the most renowned and loved fashion brands in Puglia. Her passion for travel and cultures took her to the 4 corners of the earth, collecting and sourcing indigenous textiles and clothing. In Tulsishop every single item comes directly from its source as the owner personally picked it from villages in Mexico, markets in Africa or India, Vietnam, Thailand, directly from weavers and local artists.

lc23 - Gioia del Colle, Bari

LC23 was born in December 2010 from the idea of Leo Colacicco, a management engineer with a vice of e-fashion, born and raised in Gioia del Colle (Bari), who, after a period of study and work in Milan, returned home and decided to create his own brand. LC23 was born exclusively as a shirt brand, but over the years the collection proposed by the brand became a total look unisex. In the fourteen years of its existence, the brand has managed to find its own aesthetic balance, halfway between high tailoring but relaxed volumes and lively and inspired streetwear. The brand fully reflects the philosophy of its creator, based on concepts such as Dedication, Passion, Quality, Tailoring. All LC23 garments are produced entirely in Italy, specifically in the beautiful region of Puglia.

Ninaleuca - Lecce

Ninaleuca takes life from the creative talent of fashion designer and entrepreneur Benedetta Rossi (Nina) and from the desire to give voice to the wonders of her homeland, Salento. A reality that goes beyond fashion, embracing authentic values and seeking to maintain cultural respect and social responsibility. In fact, each garment is  made in Italy, meticulously hand-embroidered in Nina's atelier in Lecce and adorned with precious loom-made inserts whose floral and geometric patterns pay homage to local folklore. An ode to the beauty of southern Italy, its enchanting nature and colors, the brand's collections celebrate the soul and identity of a place that cannot be forgotten, with the aim of revealing its essence to the world.

Bottega Dalmut - Francavilla Fontana

BOTTEGA DALMUT was born from the passion for high fashion of Leonida Ferrarese, who, after his experience in the world of high fashion in New York, took over the historic tailor shop of Maestro Cafueri, founded in Francavilla in 1969, and created the BOTTEGA DALMUT brand. His is a tailor's shop with an atelier inside that creates highly handcrafted garments using the best fabrics on the market. Everything starts at the cutting table, where the company's main activity, "L'Abito Sartoriale", the sartorial suit, is born, and extends to the production of accessories such as cashmere or silk ties, bow ties, shirts, shoes and many other men's accessories. It takes about three rehearsals to create an impeccable BD suit, while forty hours are devoted to finishing and tailoring.

Orsina à - Coccaro Beach Club - Savelletri

The idea of the brand was born in 2013 by Orsina Dansi, from visiting markets and rediscovering old fabrics, retracing the traditions of Italian craftsmanship, to be revisited in a modern way, with an eye to recycling and recovery. This is the basis of the Orsina à brand philosophy. Born in Puglia, where Orsina had moved back for a period of time, the brand immediately had a dedicated space thanks to the Coccaro Beach Club. For the winter, Italian wool capes with contrasting Greek motifs, for the summer, the now popular shorts made from vintage fabrics embellished with embroidery such as curtains, tablecloths and sheets.

Cleric la Bottega - Putignano

Alessandro Luisi believes in the uniqueness of each individual, and this has led the young tailor to open his shop in 2021. At Cleric, you'll be able to experience the thrill of having a suit or shirt made just for you, starting with the choice of style, fabric and cut. In just three appointments for a suit, where you'll be carefully advised and guided by the attentive staff, you'll be able to wear your unique design.


Le Costantine - Casamasella, lecce

From 1901 Le Costantine preserved, among the various treasures, the art of embroidery and weaving. First tool to promote the autonomy and emancipation of women, today great excellence, recognized in Italy and and all over the world. The artisans who work there produce textile products of the highest quality, weaving natural fibers with ancient four-heddle wooden looms. They use techniques that date back hundreds of years and perform each finishing step strictly by hand. The production ranges from carpets, tapestries and blankets woven in the traditional pinto or bow weave, to products such as scarves and stoles in cashmere, linen and silk, bags and accessories. Following the educational desire of its founders, the laboratory also organizes courses in agreement with public bodies and educational institutions or at the request of individuals interested in deepening the art of weaving.

resina Vintage - Ceglie Messapica

Francesco from 2018 is constantly on the lookout for vintage and design treasures to bring back to life, thanks to the precious hands of Italian artisans. His showroom of 400 square meters of design is located in an enchanting historic house, adorned by beautifully decorated cross vaults, in the heart of Ceglie Messapica.

Oui Apulia - Ceglie Messapica

Oui was born in 2009 in Bologna, and just recently opened its shop in Puglia, precisely in Ceglie Messapica. It is a family-run shop of household items of excellent manufacturers, religiously made in Italy. 


The store, conceived by Michele Carrieri after his numerous experiences in design, furniture and visual merchandising for important multinational companies, is a way to communicate through design, creativity and refinement of materials, a visual and expressive experience capable of transmitting originality and creative energies. 

Parisi 1876 - Luminarie - Taurisano, Lecce

Parisi is a luminarie manufacturer born in 1876 in Taurisano, a town in the hinterland of Salento. Since then, creative minds and skilled hands dressed the streets and squares of villages of Salento and beyond with its luminarie that recall the Baroque, Gothic and Greek styles.

Anxa Associazione Culturale - Gallipoli

Piazza Imbriani, 9 – Gallipoli (LE) - In this cultural association the artisan Antonio Vincenti performs the ancient art of "giunco". It is an ancient art that consists in the production of panari and ceste, wicker baskets whose use can be extended even to fishing. In the period of arrest the fishermen prepare "nasse", special cages woven with cane and with conical beams of twine. Inside is the bait; the fish, attracted by the mirage of food, penetrates through the mesh without having the possibility to get out. In the sea of Gallipoli, fishing with nasse is still partially practiced, but these incredible objects are now seen as perfect elements of decoration, as lampshades for example.


Nicola Fasano - Grottaglie

Ceramiche Nicola Fasano was officially born in 1968, although there are reports of a workshop of the forerunner of this brand since 1623, still leader in the Apulian territory in the production of typical traditional ceramics. In Grottaglie, for 18 generations, the Fasano family has carried on the work of potters, decorators and kilns, which the award-winning company Ceramiche Nicola Fasano has inherited, bringing the knowledge of this art to world levels. Fasano ceramiche srl is currently managed by Franco, the heir of Nicola Fasano, who continue an ancient tradition but is capable of great innovation.

Antonio Fasano - Grottaglie

His is a small shop in the heart of the ceramic neighborhood of Grottaglie. Tuff walls, simple shelves of raw wood and a small workshop overlooking the street. Antonio works together with his brother Ciro. Ciro, who is on the autistic spectrum, is a person of determination whose unique artistry was recognized and fostered by his family from an early age. His now iconic plates and vases are decorated with abstract faces, paintings with thick brushstrokes of primary colors, united by enigmatic expressions, volumetric and extremely recognizable.

Giorgio di Palma - Grottaglie

Giorgio di Palma decided to return to his hometown of Grottaglie in 2010, after years of studying abroad, to open a ceramic workshop. His ceramics that were not needed are reproductions of everyday objects, in real dimensions, devoid of functionality but full of aesthetic and conceptual meanings. With ceramics, Giorgio enjoys transforming the useless, eternal and immortal moments. His works are exhibited in numerous public and private museums and collections in Europe, Asia and America. He has participated in several artist residencies, made videos and published books about them.


Le icone - cisternino

Treasure hunters, always on the lookout for beauty, for what time has forgotten and what is just waiting to be restored to its original glory. From antique church panels with peeled patina, to country tables worn by time, to heavy industrial lamps, Nicolo ed Aleksandra's mission is to provide customers with unique pieces of original design that have a story to tell. Their eclectic taste in furniture ranges from the 18th century to the present day. These are the ideas behind Le Icone, a furniture and design concept that has its roots in Cisternino. The products vary in type, period, material and style, and are therefore ideal for furnishing all types of spaces, from old country houses to the most modern and minimalist apartments.

La Mercanteria - Ostuni

It's impossible to walk through the streets of the historical center of Ostuni without stopping in front of the window of La Mercanteria. A place whose warm and enchanting atmosphere reveals the inspiration and professionalism of its owner, Luigi Caiazza, a collector, craftsman, interior designer and restorer. In his shop you'll have the opportunity to admire and purchase his incredible collection of local handicrafts, priceless heritage of this glorious land.

Rivesto Italia - Online shop / pick-up in Lecce

Rivesto means to dress, to cover, to clothe. Sourcing 'objects' to dress up and reinterpret your space with an element of the unexpected and dreamy escapism. The inspiration comes from the quiet, unfinished beauty found in imperfection and the romantic notion of extending the life of pieces steeped in history.  Many pieces were found in a palazzos or masserie in Puglia, some never used, while others had that magical patina that comes from daily use. Paul, the founder, has always been fascinated by the unique ways in which these found objects, which continue to tell a story, can be reused and repurposed in a modern setting. Pieces that can be appreciated artistically for their beauty, yet are functional and practical at their core.


You can find an overview of markets here.

  • Ostuni And Ceglie Messapica - Every Saturday, weekly market of clothes and local foods
  • Martina Franca - Every Wednesday, weekly market of clothes and local foods
  • Ostuni - Second Sunday of every month, Large Flea-antiques market
  • Cisternino and Ceglie Messapica - Third Sunday of every month, Flea market
  • Lecce - Last Sunday of every month, Flea market

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