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Holiday rentals in Modica

Sicily’s enchanting scenery makes you constantly aware of the island’s rich past. This is why Special Umbria’s holiday rentals in Modica allow you to lose track of time… in a pleasant way! Our luxury houses offer you a spectacular view of the old inner city that proudly towers above the surrounding area. The exteriors have been fully adjusted to the town’s characteristic atmosphere.

The traditional white chalk plastering creates a beautiful contrast with the polychrome floor tiles. Every detail has been adjusted to fit the authentic scenery. Our holiday rentals in Modica within the Jewish quarters, for example, have been attractively decorated with Arabic tiling. You’d almost think you’re in Median or Riad! But no, one glance out the window reveals you’re actually in one of Italy’s most beautiful baroque cities.

Holiday rentals in Modica Sicily

The comfort of your holiday commences as you move into Special Umbria’s holiday rentals in Modica, Sicily. Here you may experience the city from a local’s perspective! Every home is supplied with wide rooms, a cosy balcony, a quiet courtyard and/or a private terrace. Modica is a perfect base while exploring coastal towns such as Pozzallo, Sampieri and Marine di Modica.

Further inland you’ll find the idyllic Ragusa. A whole new experience awaits you with each stay in one of our holiday rentals in Modica, Sicily! For further exploration of the region, our holiday rentals in Sicily will definitely do the trick.

Holiday rentals in Modica houses

Find total peace in Special Umbria’s holiday rentals in Modica. Our houses have been decorated with traditionally designed regional furniture, ensuring a unique atmosphere in each accommodation. This invites you to, for example, dine extensively on your very own comfy balcony. Luxury facilities such as air conditioning, a spacious kitchen and one or several bathrooms are at your disposal. Apart from holiday rentals in Modica, you’ll also find other houses and luxury holiday rentals elsewhere in Italy. Find inspiration on our Facebook page and discover our holiday rentals in Umbria and Puglia!