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Holiday rentals in Ragusa

Would you like to spend your holiday in one of Sicily’s most versatile provinces? Then check out Special Umbria’s holiday rentals in Ragusa! This region was shaped by various populations, such as the ancient Greeks, Romans and Arabs. At its south coast you’ll find mesmerizing beaches level with Tunisia, ensuring beautiful weather in the summer season. Our holiday rentals in Ragusa have been furnished for optimal comfort, while the exteriors make you feel that time has stopped for a moment. In the Jewish quarters of Modica, for example, you will find authentic houses, decorated with white plastered inner walls and colourful tiling at every corner. Ragusa is the baroque region. Following the loss of nearly all of its monuments in a heavy 1693 earthquake, the city was completely rebuilt in this lavish architecture. You’ll find beauty all around you, as well as accommodations with the sole purpose of fulfilling your every desire.

Holiday rentals in Ragusa luxury

Selecting one of Special Umbria’s holiday rentals in Ragusa, such as a luxury house, apartment or villa, will help you achieve total peace in Sicily. Each of our various country houses, supplied with a wide terrace, spacious rooms and a private pool, has its own distinctive character. You’ll also benefit from air conditioning and other comfort providing facilities. This contributes to an unforgettable vacation in one of our holiday rentals in Italy. Explore your surroundings between the regional capital Ragusa and its adjacent seaside resort in the south, with mesmerizing rolling hills in-between! Notable differences in height add an enchanting quality to our holiday rentals in Ragusa and their luxury interior.

Holiday rentals in Ragusa Sicily

Mingle with the locals while residing in our holiday rentals in Ragusa, Sicily. Enjoy your breakfast on your balcony or terrace with a wide view of the sea or the green hills. Go wherever you please! All of our rooms have been decorated in a luxury fashion with regional handpicked design furniture. On our website, we offer holiday rentals in Sicily and other regions, such as Umbria and Puglia. Discover all of our possibilities for holiday rentals in Ragusa, Sicily on our Facebook page!