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Holiday rentals in Piegaro

Would you like to immerse yourself in the real Italy and leave the beaten track behind to enjoy an enchanting landscape? Then Special Umbria’s luxury holiday rentals in Piegaro will help you experience the country from a wholly different perspective! Our accommodations are firmly rooted in the hillside decor. From your terrace, you will be mesmerized by a wide view upon a spectacular scenery. The municipality of Piegaro is situated between Città della Pieve and Perugia. Presumably, this environment was especially popular for its spas in the Roman period. The magnificent ancient tower counts as definite proof of this.

Our holiday rentals in Piegaro will treat you to an authentic wellness experience. A private pool will be at your disposal. You may also enjoy a luxury interior with handpicked design. Take a look at our countryside villas and private homes for rent and prepare for your dream vacation!

Holiday rentals in Piegaro Italy

Our various holiday rentals in Piegaro, Italy, will enable you to enjoy life like a true Italian. Taste the delicious local dishes and exclusive wines that this region has to offer. Due to the comfortable interior of your accommodation, you will be surrounded by all the comforts that you are used to at home. The authentic facades of our holiday rentals in Pierago, Italy, have been left intact, while on the inside everything is set for comfort. No obligations, everything is allowed.

Would you like to prepare your own meal in your fully equipped kitchen or mingle with locals in a popular town restaurant? Our luxury villas, Old Italian cottages and other holiday rentals in Piegaro, Italy will grant you complete freedom! This actually holds true for all of our holiday rentals in Umbria and other towns around the country.

Holiday rentals in Piegaro villas

Are you looking for the best holiday rentals in Piegaro? Thanks to our private villas, you’ll finally find time for yourself. We have decorated every accommodation ourselves with an eclectic interior in our own style. Would you like to take part in the true Special Umbria experience? Then start your voyage of discovery by booking a different holiday rental in Piegaro every year! The villas are easy to reach and still make you part of the fascinating landscape. Take time out for yourself with friends and family in full privacy. For holiday rentals in Sicily as well as in the Puglia region, you’ve come to the right place! Easily book your luxurious vacation via the Special Umbria website.