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Holiday rentals near Palermo

Nowhere but in the capital of Sicily are large amounts of beautiful and ancient buildings to be found. Special Umbria’s various holiday rentals near Palermo perfectly fit this scenery. Our apartments, country houses and villas have been luxuriously decorated with locally crafted design furniture. You’ll also benefit from a wide terrace, a private pool and a spacious kitchen.

The location of our holiday rentals near Palermo enables you to visit the Massimo Theatre, Pretoria Fontana, the Normandic castle and several other of the city’s major monuments whenever you please.


Holiday rentals near Palermo villas

Find the perfect combination of luxury, comfort and authentic scenery when booking with Special Umbria. Select one of several holiday rentals near Palermo. Our villas feature a private pool and a spacious terrace with a wide view of the countryside or city.

Also, our varied offer of holiday rentals in Italy allows you to rediscover this versatile country at every visit! Aside from holiday rentals near Palermo, we provide villas in the vicinity of other cities such as Noto, Modica and Ragusa.

Feel the Etna’s majesty on every part of the island, walk its beautiful green inlands and enjoy the waves of the Mediterranean, Tyrrhenian or Ionian Sea!


Holiday rentals near Palermo Sicily

Would you love to lose track of time whilst enjoying the authentic Italian lifestyle? Then discover Special Umbria’s many possibilities with holiday rentals near Palermo, Sicily. Everywhere within the city the influence of the ancient Greeks, Romans and Arabs is noticeable. The island’s capital was spared as a massive earthquake hit the south eastern region of Ragusa in 1693. Still, several of our holiday rentals in Sicily can be found here, together with several other rebuilt structures in baroque style. Are you looking for inspiring stories about our versatile offer? Then check our holiday rentals in Puglia and Umbria. Personally, we believe that our holiday rentals near Palermo, Sicily, could be a great start of a historical journey. Discover every part of this breathtaking island with Special Umbria!