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Houses for sale near Todi

The beauty of Umbria is known all over Italy. Special Umbria’s houses for sale near Todi are part of the mesmerizing landscapes of green hills, olive groves and old idyllic cities. Todi itself shows its majesty, situated on a steep hill, which you will be able to admire as soon as you move in. We have chosen the surroundings of our houses for sale near Todi carefully. While a spacious terrace is taken for granted, you will also have your own private pool at your disposal. Should you so desire, we can also assist you in the purchase of any luxury villa or country house that has caught your eye.

Luxury houses for sale near Todi

Like the cities monumental buildings themselves, Special Umbria’s luxury houses for sale near Todi were constructed according to traditional architecture. The large amount of living space offers you every opportunity to provide your home with modern facilities such as air conditioning, a jacuzzi and a dishwasher. We also provide the extra option of Interior Consulting. This service means we’ll get started immediately as soon as you have purchased your new residence. All you have to do is move into a completely finished home. The possibilities are endless, should you choose for our luxury houses for sale near Todi. For a complete summary of our offer, we refer you to our Real Estate Services.

Houses for sale near Todi Umbria

Special Umbria helps you realize your dreams of living in Italy. Our wide offer of houses for sale near Todi, Umbria, is merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Should you so desire, you may use our other extensive services, such as:

We have a large network at our disposal and know how to get hold of local authorities, should you wish to apply for a permit. View our houses for sale near Todi, Umbria or visit our Facebook page for more inspiration! Here you will also find our other luxury villas in Italy.