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Buy villa in Italy

It is wonderful to live in an idyllic place in the south of Europe. You’ll make this dream come true when you buy a villa in Italy. At Special Umbria, we have selected the most beautiful properties that can be found in the country.

On your spacious terrace, you can enjoy breakfast in the morning and dinner in the evening while the sun goes down. Our villas and country houses all have one thing in common; a perfect location.

Whether that is in the middle of lush hills or in a medieval city where old traditions are still honored, you will find the area of your dreams. As soon as you decide to buy a villa in Italy, we can offer comprehensive services, from acquisition to maintenance and property management.

Buy villa in Umbria Italy

Has the natural scenery of endless hills with vineyards, sunflower fields and cypresses stolen your heart? If so, when you buy a villa in Umbria, Italy, you can enjoy this beauty forever!

From our diverse range, you will find properties in Perugia and the surrounding area, near Assisi and near Spello. These towns were originally populated by the Umbrians, dating back to 1000 BC. Old traditions become noticeable in the architecture of the stone houses, villas, and churches.

Choose to buy a villa in Umbria, Italy, live among the locals and be enthralled by the area’s rich history. At Special Umbria, we offer you comprehensive real estate services so you can make your new life in Italy come true!

Buy luxury villa in Italy

Do you want to live in comfort, just like you do at home? If so, just buy a luxury villa in Italy! At Special Umbria, you will find a wide range of properties with spacious rooms, a large garden, and a spacious terrace. But you have more options, such as a swimming pool where you can take a refreshing dip whenever you want. The dolce far niente was invited by the Italians, which literally means doing nothing and enjoying it. You can choose this style of living when you buy a luxury villa in Italy. Did you not find what you were looking for from our varied selection? We can help you buy and find your property, entirely based on your personal wishes. As a certified real estate agent, we offer you the following services: Interior ConsultingProperty maintenance & Management and Renting out your property.