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Properties Città della Pieve

Would you like to live in one of the most beautiful areas in Italy? Then check out Special Umbria’s properties in Città del Pieve. In this municipality, you’re surrounded by magnificent ancient buildings such as the Torre del Pubblico, the Cattedrale Santi Gervasio e Protasio and the Borgo di Salci.

After a short drive to the northeast, you’ll soon come upon Lake Trasimeno, with Castiglione del Lago as a beautiful eyecatcher. Our properties in Città della Pieve feature an architecture that is characteristic for the region.

You may also enjoy a wide terrace with a beautiful view of the city itself or a backdrop of green hills and valleys. In most cases, you’ll even enjoy your own private pool!

Properties for sale near Città della Pieve

In case you’ve been looking for properties for sale near Città della Pieve for quite a while now, Special Umbria is eager to assist you if you wish to find and buy your property.

As qualified real estate agents we don’t merely offer a wide range of these properties, we’re also in direct contact with local contractors, investors and authorities. This means we can actively support you with your applications for building permits and shaping your expansion plans.

And our properties near Città della Pieve themselves? If we don’t have your luxury villa in Italy on offer, we can still find it relatively easy and quickly!

Properties near Città della Pieve Umbria

Are you longing to enjoy the authentic Italian life to the fullest? Our properties near Città della Pieve bring out the best of Umbria. This region is also called the green heart because of the breathtaking landscape of rolling hills with its vineyards and olive groves. More than enough reason to profit from our wide range of properties in Umbria near Città della Pieve! You’re also free to use our extensive services, such as:

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