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Villa for sale Perugia

Umbria is known for its varied landscapes of rolling hills and spectacular views. This is also the backdrop for the villa for sale choices in Perugia that you will find at Special Umbria. Near the capital of Trasimeno you will find the enchanting Lake Trasimeno.

Our luxury country houses and villas are located outside of the tourist zones. The facade of a villa for sale in Perugia fits in with the authentic architecture of the region. You will have a spacious terrace with views of the phenomenal natural surroundings.

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Luxury villa for sale Perugia

Are you looking for a second home in Umbria where you can enjoy the same comforts as home? Then why not choose a luxury villa for sale in Perugia? This includes a personal swimming pool! When choosing your villa, Special Umbria can offer additional Interior Consulting help. We will choose a design together with you and will carefully pick the best design furniture in the region.

We can also advise on Property and Maintenance management. For example, thanks to the local contacts we know, we can help with applications for permits. You will easily find the perfect luxury villa for sale in Perugia that fits your dream vision. Have you not found your perfect villa yet? If not, we will happily help you find and buy the property that fulfills your dreams!

Villa for sale Perugia Italy

Have you always dreamed of staying in an idyllic setting on the Italian peninsula? At Special Umbria, this can become a reality with our villa for sale choices in Perugia, Italy! You will be able to experience this vast country in a completely new way. We will provide an authentic setting where you can enjoy life like the Italians do. All of our locations are very well situated, with unique scenery. We have various properties near Spello as well as near other old towns such as Città di Castello. With Special Umbria, the fantasy of a luxury villa in Italy will come true. In addition to our villa for sale possibilities in Perugia, Italy, you can also find your dream home in Sicily, Puglia, and Tuscany. You will feel at home when you embrace Italy as it should be!