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Villa for sale Umbria

The provinces of Perugia and Terni are known for their infinitely alternating landscapes. With a villa for sale in Umbria, you can choose your desired location with ease. Find what you seek in a home that’s within reach of beautiful vineyards, idyllic old towns or by the shores of Lake Trasimeno. With a villa for sale in Umbria you’ll profit from an unique location. The house has been provided with an authentic exterior. From your spacious terrace, which is usually accompanied by a swimming pool, you can enjoy a glass of wine while taking in the breathtaking surroundings.

At Special Umbria, you can browse our wide range of villas, country houses, and traditional Italian casales. You are guaranteed to make all of your Italian getaway dreams come true! We can furthermore offer you various helpful services, which include:

Luxury villa for sale Umbria

Thanks to Special Umbria, the possibilities of finding a luxury villa for sale in Umbria are almost limitless. Are you having difficulties finding a home that complies with your specific requirements? As a certified real estate agent, we will help you find your perfect dream property on your behalf. All you need to do is specify your wishes, and we will find you the ideal luxury villa for sale in Umbria. If needed, we will also help you with the application process to obtain the required permit for purchasing property. View our complete Umbria villa offers located near Lake Trasimeno or near Assisi and discover your options!

Villa for sale Umbria Italy

Have you been dreaming about owning a luxury home abroad for years? With a villa for sale in Umbria, Italy, that dream could soon become a reality! We have a selection of the best locations from unspoiled regions, complete with authentic architecture and beautiful natural surroundings. You can find inspiring photos of these options, together with up-to-date information about our villas on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Are you dreaming about living in Italy, and do you want to make your dreams come true? Our villa for sale in Umbria, Italy, is waiting for you! If you want to purchase a property from another region, Special Umbria also has villas for sale in other parts of the country, such as Tuscany and Sicily. Finding your perfect luxury villa in Italy has never been easier!